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A beacon of compassion, innovation and inclusivity in the food industry

On Saturday 13 April in Sydney, OMG! Decadent Donuts won the Australian Small Business Champion Awards – Best Fast Food.

Starting at a suburban farmers market stall in Brisbane and earning a humble $96 on their first day of trade, OMG! Decadent Donuts is now located in over 70 regions across Australia and has just launched internationally. The Brisbane-based business owners said they were completely honoured to receive the award in this very competitive field.


Crafted with passion and dedication, OMG! Decadent Donuts are 100% natural, vegan, and free from gluten, egg, nuts, dairy, yeast, wheat, and sulphites.  The company’s commitment to inclusivity in food is reflected in its certifications from esteemed bodies such as Coeliac Australia, Vegan Australia, Kosher Australia, and the Halal Certification Authority of Australia, setting a benchmark for comprehensive dietary inclusivity in the food industry.


Established by visionary restaurateur David Moore and his co-directors Andrew Clarke, Steven Morris and Diane O’Reilly, OMG! Decadent Donuts has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering delectable treats that cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences since it was incorporated in 2018.  “What sets OMG! apart is not just that we make fantastic donuts, but our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on communities across Australia. Research indicates that individuals with strict dietary requirements often face feelings of exclusion and anxiety. By offering a product that fosters inclusivity and belonging.  Our aim is to not just make and sell donuts, we are spreading joy with our products and independence for our business owners” David said.


Our journey from a humble market stall to an international enterprise has been marked by numerous milestones and accolades from winning prestigious awards such as this one, to now expanding internationally.  We’ve made and learnt from many mistakes along the way, but our commitment to excellence and innovation has remained unwavering” he added.


100% Australian-made and owned, the donuts offer a new level of decadence, as they are dusted in a range of bespoke sugars made from real fruit, vegetables, and spices, offering something truly unique.  This distinctive range of donuts not only caters to people who are Coeliac or with allergies or intolerances or for those whose beliefs dictate what they eat but for anyone who loves a bit of scrumptiousness.   With nothing artificial, they truly are the goodies with no baddies.


Research indicates that individuals, especially children, adhering to strict dietary requirements often face feelings of exclusion, bullying, anxiety, and depression. These simple donuts play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity, providing a sense of belonging to those with dietary restrictions.


Under a robust licence agreement, so far, OMG! actively supports more than 70 families across Australia who have established and nurtured their own thriving OMG! Decadent Donuts businesses.  Under this licence business model, there are no royalties or levies paid meaning 100% of what those business owners earn stays within their local community.


Asked about the future, David said “Looking ahead, our vision is one of growth, innovation, and global influence. As we expand our network of licensees throughout Australia and further afield, we remain committed to our core values of compassion, inclusivity, and excellence.  To us, it sometimes seems like OMG! Decadent Donuts is more than just a business, it is a movement — a movement fueled by love, compassion, and a shared passion for making the world a sweeter place, one donut at a time”.


If the goal is to make the world a sweeter place, one donut at a time, OMG! Donuts is doing well.  On their first day of trade, they went through 2kg of donut mix, which equates to roughly 64 donuts at that farmers’ market in suburban Brisbane. In 2023 they went through 86 tonnes of donut mix, which equates to over 2.7 million donuts and in 2024 the forecast is 102 tonnes which is over 3.3 million donuts.


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