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We’ve made a decadent treat that everyone can love

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Our donuts are:

  • Gluten Free

  • Yeast Free

  • Dairy Free

  • No GMOs

  • Sulphite Free

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Wheat Free

  • Vegan

  • No artificial colours or flavours

Our donuts are:

  • Gluten Free

  • Yeast Free

  • Dairy Free

  • No GMOs

  • Sulphite Free

  • Egg Free

  • Nut Free

  • Wheat Free

  • Vegan

  • No artificial colours or flavours

OMG! Decadent Donuts’ humble start began in 2017 at local farmers markets in and around Brisbane.

The focus then was to create delicious hot fresh donuts that were dusted in a range of unique handcrafted sugars, made from the freshest fruits, spices and even vegetables.

Over the years, and thousands upon thousands of donuts later, we continue to make our unique handcrafted sugars, but our focus has shifted to ensure our donuts can also be enjoyed by people with dietary requirements, food intolerances or food allergies.

Now OMG! Decadent Donuts holds one of the highest standards of certification for any food business in Australia and New Zealand.

Not only have we perfected a truly light, fluffy, and devilishly moreish donut,
but we have created a treat for all to enjoy.

Our beautiful, handcrafted sugars are all made from the freshest fruits, spices and even vegetables.

Nothing artificial here baby!

Berry Sinful

Raspberries, Cacao (Chocolate), Chilli, Sea Salt

Dusty Queen

Oranges, Cinnamon


Beetroot, Cinnamon, Ginger

Luscious Lemon

Lemons, Poppy Seeds

Strawberry Patch

Strawberries, Vanilla Bean

Choc Mint Bliss

Cacao (Chocolate), Mint Oil, Sea Salt

Cacao Delish

Cacao (Chocolate), Sea Salt

Spicy Ranga

Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper

OMG Cinnamon

Classic Cinnamon

Toast My Berry

Raspberries, Toasted Coconut

Coffee Coffee Yum Yum

Roasted Coffee

Pine Lime Burst

Pineapples, Lime

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OMG! Look what’s happening!


🍩 Hey, I’m Matt, the proud owner of @omgdonuts.byronbay & Ballina 🍩. I discovered this amazing business in April 2021 at the Surfers Paradise Night Market during a family holiday.  My wife, who is coeliac and allergic to dairy, had found her donut heaven! 🌟. We started with buying a few donuts, then a few more, and ended up buying 24 — and ultimately, the Byron Bay & Ballina license in June 2021. 
We focus on markets & events with our purpose-built food trailer, attending 8-12 markets and events a month.  Some of the awesome events we've attended are Splendour in the Grass, Sample Food Festival, the Ballina Duck Race, and the largest all-female surf contest in Australia, ‘Seas the Day’, to name just a few! 🎉.
Seeing kids and adults with food allergies try their first donut is pure joy, and makes all the hard work worth it. 🍩❤️ 
Find our where Matt will be next via the locations link in our bio 🔗 

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Donut Worry, Be Happy.  We’re over hump day and it’s the downward slide to the weekend. 🥳 Hit the location page via the link in our bio to find your nearest OMG! Decadent Donut business owner 🔗

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We don’t like to toot our own trumpet tooooo much 🎺, but we’ve won a couple of big national awards lately 🏆 🥇 as a result soooo many people have been asking us how OMG! Decadent Donuts came to be.  To read our back story, head to the link in our bio 🔗

#omgdecadentdonuts #omgdonuts #thegoodieswithnobaddies #glutenfreedonuts #vegandonuts #allergyfriendlydonuts
OMG! Decadent Donut business owners all over Australia are reporting that customers are loving our fabulous, brand new Salted Caramel drizzle 🥰. Drizzle it on a ‘nudie’ donut, or create your own combo – maybe drizzle it on a donut dusted in cacao, or on a coffee dusted donut 🍩 Come up with your own crazy combo and let us know your fave in the comments 🗣️ Search for your nearest OMG! Donut business owner via the link in our bio 🔗 

#omgdecadentdonuts #omgdonuts #glutenfreedonuts #vegandonuts #allergyfriendlytreats #saltedcaramel
Dreaming of being your own boss and enjoying a flexible work-life balance? 🌟 At OMG! Decadent Donuts, we have many amazing business opportunities available that let you create the future you’ve always dreamed of! 🍩 💼  Join our family of over 70 independent business owners across Australia and New Zealand, and turn your passion for delicious, allergy-friendly treats into a profitable venture. 🌏✨ With OMG!, you keep all your profits, promote inclusivity, and cater to everyone who loves donuts. 🍩❤️ Ready to make an impact in your local community and live the life you’ve always wanted? Learn more via the link in our bio 🔗 

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Today is world chocolate day 🍫 – yes, there is such a thing.  And how do we celebrate – we drizzle chocolate on our cacao dusted donuts. 🤤 I know, genius. 🙌🏼 Our donuts, sugars and drizzles are all always free from gluten, dairy, egg, wheat, yeast, nuts and sulphites.  Always vegan and always with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. ✅ 

#omgdecadentdonuts #omgdonuts #vegandonuts #glutenfreedonuts #allergyfriendlydonuts #thegoodieswithnobaddies #chocolatedonuts #worldchocolateday
New Zealand
Oh yes! Its another freezing cold morning, and there's nothing better than to warm your belly with some OMG! Hot Fresh Donuts!  Come down to @The Winter Indoor Market Snells Beach this morning.
See you there!
Laura, thanks for your very cool feedback!
Our dates for Catalina Bay Farmers Market are confirmed for July.  This week it's Saturday.  Come down, get yourself a donut fix while taking in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the delights that our amazing local Catalina Bay Farmers Market provides.  Keep these dates in your diary.

Saturday, Jul 06th
Sunday, Jul 14th
Sunday, Jul 21st
Sunday, Jul 28th

Thankyou Cheersports NZ for inviting us to join you for your Cheerfest event on Saturday, we were thrilled to be there and support our community event.  What a wonderful full and exciting day!  The teams looked amazing all geared up with sparkles and bows. 

A big congratulations to the overall grand champions @baytwistersnz 🏆🩷✨
Winning the Olympic Gold Medal equivalent for donuts in Australia. Introducing the winning flavour: Spicy Ranga! 🏆With its warm sweet flavors of cinnamon and an explosion of exotic spices, reminiscent of warm gingerbread crust sprinkled with sugar, it truly is a winner. 

Come and try it for yourself this Sunday at Catalina Bay Farmers Market and tell us what you think.
We get a lot of questions about what’s in our donuts, and if they are safe for Coeliacs and other food challenges and allergies.  The answer is 100% YES!  See what David in Australia has to say.  We undergo the same training here in NZ.

If you can’t eat wheat, gluten, eggs or dairy or have sensitives to sulphites and additives then OMG! donuts will serve you well. 🩷 

What’s exciting about our donuts is that they are hands down delicious!  Soft and Fluffy!
Having just launched in NZ you can find us in popups around Auckland, but that will change as we get more established.

Please follow us as we embark on our journey to spread donut joy! 

If you’re interested in joining our tribe or knowing more about OMG! opportunities, please reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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