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OMG! continuing the World Donut Day tradition of helping others

World Donut Day is this year celebrated on 2 June. This day first began in 1938 as a fund-raiser by the Salvation Army to help people in need during the great depression, every year since it’s been celebrated on the first Friday in June. To keep this great tradition of helping others, OMG! Decadent Donuts is raising some dough (pun intended) for the Australian charity Orange Sky.

Here at OMG! Decadent Donuts we’re usually recognised in shops, farmers markets and community events by our bright aqua and magenta colours, but on June 2nd, 3rd and 4th this year we’re turning orange to raise much-needed funds and awareness for Orange Sky.

Partnering with Orange Sky

We’ll raise the dough by donating $5 for every box of 12 donuts sold over that three-day period and we are asking our customers to do the same.

We’re even turning one of our favourite flavours more orange by renaming Dusty Queen (a delicious blend of all-natural Riverland oranges with cinnamon sugar) to “Orange Sky” for those 3 days.

Why support Orange Sky?

With homeless rates in Australia at an all-time high, Orange Sky has never been busier, and funds are needed to continue and grow the reach of the services of mobile laundry, showers and conversation that they provide throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The 2021 Census found that 122,494 Australians were experiencing homelessness. That’s one in two hundred people!

Understanding life’s challenges

According to Orange Sky co-founder Nic Marchesi, “A lot of us don’t know what it’s like to spend a night on the street, but nearly all of us can relate to being cash-strapped at one point or another.  An unexpected bill, a medical emergency or maybe the breakdown of a relationship, it doesn’t take long to be in a situation where money is tight.  Of the Australians experiencing homelessness, five percent are ‘sleeping rough’ and 95 percent are staying in shelters, boarding houses, temporary accommodation or severely crowded homes.

Orange Sky giving hope in tough times

CEO and fellow Co-Founder, Lucas Patchett, added “We know Aussies are doing it really tough right now. With the cost of living continuing to increase and the housing crisis, we have seen that a lot of people over the past two years are finding themselves in really tough situations, which they never thought they would be in.”

Nic went on to say, “When OMG came to us and suggested this collaboration, we couldn’t have been happier, we love that OMG Donuts are inclusive as this really resonates with the core values of Orange Sky”.

OMG! playing a part in communities all over Australia

OMG! Decadent Donuts can be found in about 70 locations around Australia. Director and spokesperson of OMG!, David Moore, said

We’re a family-owned Australian business, our licensees throughout Australia, are all locals to their region, and there is not one region in Australia that is exempt from needing the support of Orange Sky.  We want to draw attention at a community level to the need to support people who are either homeless, experiencing hardship or in need due to a natural disaster”. 

Finding OMG! donuts and raise some dough

To find out where you can get a fix of the highly addictive OMG! Decadent Donuts go to our locations page.

If you’d like to help raise some dough – please visit the Orange Sky OMG fundraising page or visit your nearest OMG! licensee to order some donuts and we will give $5 from each box of 12 donuts sold to Orange Sky during ‘World Donut Day’ Celebrations 2, 3 and 4 June 2023.

Orange Sky Australia is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness, an idea founded in a Brisbane garage by two 20-year-old mates, Nic Marchesi OAM and Lucas Patchett OAM in 2014. Lucas and Nic went on to be awarded Young Australians of the Year in 2016.

Orange Sky is now located all over Australia and New Zealand. Last week alone they did 2,087 loads of washing, provided 200 showers, were assisted by 3,839 volunteers and held 2,210 hours of conversation with their guests.

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