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OMG! Decadent Donuts is all about being local.

It’s an Australian owned and made business.  It was first developed in Brisbane and the factory where the mix is blended is there too, the sugars dusting the donuts made from all natural Australian grown fruits, vegetables and spices are also blended in this same strictly controlled environment.

With so many licensees around Australia how do we claim to be a local business?

All our licensees live in the region where their business is located and make the donuts hot and fresh to order.

It’s a license model not a franchise, so 100% of anything earned by the licensee stays within their community.  Nothing goes back to a big nasty HQ outside of that local community.

So from Hobart to the Hills District, from Perth to Parramatta, Geelong to the Gold Coast, Dubbo to the Darling Downs and from Casey to Canberra – all our licensees are locals and keep their dough (do you see what we’ve done there) in their local community.  Supporting their neighbours, employing locals and supplying their freshly made donuts.

To find your locally owned OMG Donut Business – click here.

And to find out to have your own local OMG business where you live, please click here.

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