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One of the most delicious and delightful ‘special days’ celebrated around the world is World Donut Day, also known as World Doughnut Day. Whichever way you spell donut/doughnut, this celebration, observed on the first Friday of June each year, is a time to indulge in the decadent deliciousness of donuts.   

Like many things, this special day has become increasingly commercialised, but here at OMG! Decadent Donuts, we want to honour the historical significance behind this beloved treat and to expand on the spirit of giving that started it all.   

Origins of National Doughnut Day 

The story of what was then called National Donut Day traces back to a heartfelt tradition established during World War I. The Salvation Army, a charitable organization known for its humanitarian efforts, introduced the donut to American soldiers deployed in France during the war. The Salvation Army “Donut Lassies” as they came to be known, would fry and distribute donuts to boost the morale of the troops and provide them with a comforting taste of home. 

It was during this period that the donut became synonymous with warmth, comfort, and a simple joy amidst the challenges of wartime. The donut’s popularity soared, and its association with giving and the Salvation Army’s charitable work continued to grow. 

The Creation of National Donut Day 

The inaugural National Donut Day was celebrated in the United States on June 7, 1938. This day was established by the Salvation Army in Chicago as a way to honour the Donut Girls and to raise funds and awareness for the organization’s social service programs. 

During World War II, National Donut Day in the USA took on renewed significance as the Salvation Army once again distributed donuts to soldiers, providing a tangible symbol of care and support during difficult times. 

Global Recognition 

Over time, the celebration of National Donut Day transcended borders, becoming an international phenomenon known as World Donut Day. Countries around the globe now join in the festivities, embracing the joy of donuts and recognizing the historic role they played in bringing comfort during times of adversity. 

Like so many ‘special days’ the tradition and spirit is being lost in commercialisation But at OMG! Decadent Donuts we want to celebrate donuts and also honour the tradition of this day which is so steeped in the tradition of giving and helping others.    

Honouring Sweet Traditions  

As we celebrate World Donut Day, we think it’s important to remember the origins of this delightful tradition. Beyond the sweetness, donuts carry a legacy of kindness, generosity, and resilience — a legacy that continues to resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. 

On 7 June 2024, OMG! Decadent Donuts in Australia will be announcing an amazing initiative where we extend this spirit of giving with a collaboration between a national charity and our company.   It will also be officially launching in Auckland New Zealand on this date.  

Perhaps, as you enjoy your OMG! Donuts, you’ll also reflect on the enduring spirit of community and compassion that has made donuts more than just a treat — also a symbol of joy shared around the world. 

Stay tuned to find out more about our exciting new charity initiative on World Donut Day 7 June 2024. 

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