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We are Steve and Donna from beautiful downtown Dubbo in central west NSW. We moved to Dubbo from Sydney in 2008, way before a tree change was considered trendy.  

We became OMG licensees smack in the middle of all the Covid shite in June 2020 with all the trouble that brought.  We’re super excited that the business has been a great success from day dot.  

We’ve been involved with numerous franchised businesses in the past and were burned badly so this business has been a breathe of fresh air.  However, OMG and the license business model has been nothing short of amazing.  It is very, very different to a franchise model in every way.  We have no words other than good words about our journey with the business.   

We have a shop front in Dubbo from which we do regular orders and deliveries. Plus, we also have a moble van for pop-ups, markets, festivals, sporting events, local shows and so on at some of the smaller regional towns in the central west NSW region such as Bathurst, Millthorpe, Orange and Cowra. 

Our local community is super supportive and literally nothing makes us happier than when a customer comes in super stoked to have a donut.  Often, it’s the first time they’ve had a donut in years, or ever for that matter due to their food allergies or intolerances.  I would never have ever imagined that there were so many people with dietary requirements in this community.  Having said that, so many of our customers have no dietary requirements at all and they just love these donuts. 

As parents ourselves, we understand how much people appreciate a product that is safe and also has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We love the inclusive nature of this product.  We get regular orders for deliveries from local businesses who share our view that a simple thing like a donut can set the tone for inclusivity in the workplace.   

I’m an experienced business man and have had numerous businesses in the past, and we both just love this business.  

Dubbo is a hub for the Central west and a point for travellers driving between Adelaide and Brisbane or Melbourne and Sydney – I’ve really noticed a huge number of those customers who call in simply because they’ve recognised the OMG brand and we love welcoming them.  

If you’re passing through – come and find us, we’d love to welcome you.   

Steve and Donna 


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