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Coeliac Australia are a fantastic charity and one that we are proud to support.  The mix for our OMG Donuts is endorsed by them and our licensees are trained and accredited by them.

We take the issue of risk of cross-contamination of our donut mix and sugars very seriously – each batch of donut mix is independently lab tested to ensure this hasn’t occurred in the manufacturing phase.  The mix is then sealed in to one kg bags and shipped to our licensees all over Australia.  The bags are opened moments before they are mixed and made.

Ongoing ingestion of even very small amounts of gluten can cause ongoing gut damage and/or symptoms for someone with coeliac disease which is a long-term auto immune disorder.

To maintain a strict gluten free diet once diagnosed with coeliac disease, it is essential to avoid cross contamination.

Cross contamination occurs when a gluten free food item becomes contaminated by either direct or indirect contact with a gluten containing food item. Examples include buttering gluten bread and using the same knife to butter gluten free bread.

The risk is also huge for those with food allergies such as egg and nuts where cross contamination can cause anaphylaxis. We’re a fun donut (or doughnut if you prefer, but still fun) but we take cross contamination risks seriously!

For more information on cross contamination visit: https://www.coeliac.org.au/s/the-gluten-free-diet/cross-contamination

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