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Hi Omg Donut Lovers! Megan and Mark here the new owners of OMG decadent Donuts South Tasmania! We are super excited to be taking the reins and providing OMG’s delicious donuts again! I bet you’ve missed them!

A little about us….. We were both born in Tassie and have lived here our whole lives. Mark is a Cygnet Celebrity and Megan grew up in Lauderdale, now living in Acton Park. We have 5 Children between us, life is busy but amazing!

Megan: I first dreamed of owning OMG over 6 months ago when I saw it advertised but it wasn’t until Mark said “why not let’s enquire!” did I actually believe this dream could come true!

I was diagnosed as severely Gluten Intolerant and have been on a gluten free diet for around four  years now. I am passionate about providing great tasting food to people who regularly go without. Many a festival or event I’ve attended where my options were literally just have a drink or risk feeling ill. It’s not a nice feeling being the one left out or feeling like you are a burden or different from everyone else. It really took myself and my family a while to comprehend the depths of contamination, it’s a lot!

So if there is anyone who understands the absolute delight in the confidence of knowing you can enjoy a beautiful treat that everyone else enjoys too and knowing you wont go home feeling unwell, it’s me! Thank God for OMG donuts! am I right!!

We both can’t wait to see you all soon at our next Market or event so be sure to check out our upcoming event section or check out our facebook for our location drop pinned post.

See you all Soon!

Megan & Mark  x


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Events, Markets & Pop-Up Locations

Tasmanian Produce Market

20 Kangaroo Bay Drive, Rosny Park

Tasmanian Produce Market

20 Kangaroo Bay Drive, Rosny Park

Tasmanian Produce Market

20 Kangaroo Bay Drive, Rosny Park

Tasmanian Produce Market

20 Kangaroo Bay Drive, Rosny Park

The Tassie Makers Festival

Princess Wharf No1 (PW1)

The Tassie Makers Festival

Princess Wharf No1 (PW1)

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OMG South Tasmania

Hot Fresh Donuts that are Gluten free and Vegan. The goodies with no baddies!

OMG! Decadent Donuts Menu

Our beautiful, handcrafted sugars are all made from the freshest Australian fruits, spices and even vegetables.

Nothing artificial here baby!

Berry Sinful

Raspberries, Cacao (Chocolate), Chilli, Sea Salt

Dusty Queen

Oranges, Cinnamon


Beetroot, Cinnamon, Ginger

Luscious Lemon

Lemons, Poppy Seeds

Strawberry Patch

Strawberries, Vanilla Bean

Choc Mint Bliss

Cacao (Chocolate), Mint Oil, Sea Salt

Cacao Delish

Cacao (Chocolate), Sea Salt

Spicy Ranga

Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper

OMG Cinnamon

Classic Cinnamon

Toast My Berry

Raspberries, Toasted Coconut

Coffee Coffee Yum Yum

Roasted Coffee

Pine Lime Burst

Pineapples, Lime

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