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We are sorry to announce that we have had to suspend deliveries for now due to staff shortages – however you can still get your donut fix at all our usual locations below!

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Lachlan's Square Village Market
17 Halifax St, Macquarie Park

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OMG Ryde

Hot Fresh Donuts that are Gluten free and Vegan - that everyone can enjoy

Hot Fresh Donuts that are Gluten free and Vegan - that everyone can enjoy

But what makes our day is watching people’s expressions as they bite into one of our decadent donuts, it’s a look of pure joy and is something we never tire of.

When most people think of a vegan and gluten/egg/dairy/nut-free bakery product, they tend to think – dry, heavy, cardboard and bland, but through trial and error and working closely with food technicians, we have perfected a truly light, fluffy and devilishly moreish donut that has everyone coming back for more.

Our donuts are so unique that both vegan Australia and Coeliac Australia have accredited our company, setting a benchmark for continued quality and excellence.

So who are the crew behind OMG Ryde – yes we are the same mob as OMG Northern Beaches…..

Well, it all started with Toby who has been Coeliac since he was little and a keen donut fan. His mum, Jane, had tried to make him donuts over the years but they were never a great success. When Toby saw an ad for OMG Decadent Donuts during the lockdown in March 2020 he begged his Mum to order some. A warm box of every flavour arrived a few days later (thanks Maggie from East Sydney) and that was it – he was hooked and set about convincing his mum to set up a business in the Beaches. Being the strange pandemic early days of  2020, Jane thought – oh well why not. Sometimes you just have to listen to the ideas of kids without your grownup limiting blinkers on – he was definitely on to something judging by all the wonderful feedback we get from our followers. Big sister Amelie pitches in too between school and social commitments.

So we teamed up with Gus, Amanda, Rob, Greg and Nat. Due to wonderful support from our enthusiastic customers, we have recently expanded into the Ryde and Upper North Shore from our home base on the Northern Beaches. And no we are not a franchise. We are a separate local business, just supported by a wonderful team at OMG HQ who help support us to grow and keep our customers happy pumping out donuts. See you again soon

OMG! Decadent Donuts Menu

Our beautiful, handcrafted sugars are all made from the freshest Australian fruits, spices and even vegetables.

Nothing artificial here baby!

Berry Sinful

Raspberries, Cacao (Chocolate), Chilli, Sea Salt

Dusty Queen

Oranges, Cinnamon


Beetroot, Cinnamon, Ginger

Luscious Lemon

Lemons, Poppy Seeds

Strawberry Patch

Strawberries, Vanilla Bean

Choc Mint Bliss

Cacao (Chocolate), Mint Oil, Sea Salt

Cacao Delish

Cacao (Chocolate), Sea Salt

Spicy Ranga

Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, Black Pepper

OMG Cinnamon

Classic Cinnamon

Toast My Berry

Raspberries, Toasted Coconut

Coffee Coffee Yum Yum

Roasted Coffee

Pine Lime Burst

Pineapples, Lime

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