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Rylstone NSW

Tarana Farmers Market

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OMG Blue Mountains

Hot Fresh Donuts that are Gluten free & Vegan- Now available in The Blue Mountains!

Hot Fresh Donuts that are Gluten free & Vegan- Now available in The Blue Mountains!

Hi, we are David & Scott proud owners of OMG Donuts Blue Mountains.

After spending many years in hospitality we noticed the lack of availability and quality for those seeking a gluten free treat.  We spent many years trying different sweets, treats which were  Gluten free/ Vegan free yet never found anything that stood out and tasted even remotely nice.  Most tasted like cardboard, heavy and gluggy.

We both have family members with gluten intolerance and Coeliac disease so understood the difficulties in finding a treat which was actually nice to eat.

Enter OMG Donuts- We were introduced to the brand through a friend who raved about these light, fluffy, deliciously, heavenly treats and thought ” We need to try these”.  We soon understood why they were called OMG!!!!

We were so impressed we decided to join the OMG team. We are overjoyed to bring these delicious treats to The Blue Mountains and are so proud to be a local Blue Mountains Business.  We love what we do and also love interacting with our beautiful customers, we look forward to the year ahead in our amazing community and look forward to bringing you more of our delicious OMG Decadent Donuts!

OMG! Decadent Donuts Menu

Our beautiful, handcrafted sugars are all made from the freshest Australian fruits, spices and even vegetables.

Nothing artificial here baby!

Berry Sinful

Tasmanian Raspberries, Cacao, Chilli, Sea Salt

Dusty Queen

Riverland Oranges, Cinnamon


Beetroot, Cinnamon, Buderim Ginger

Luscious Lemon

NSW Central Coast Lemons, Poppy Seeds

Strawberry Patch

Yarra Valley Strawberries, Vanilla Bean

Choc Mint Bliss

Far North QLD Cacao, Mint Oil, Sea Salt

Cacao Delish

Far North QLD Cacao, Sea Salt

Spicy Ranga

Buderim Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg Black Pepper

OMG Cinnamon

Classic Cinnamon

Toast My Berry

Tasmanian Raspberries, Toasted Coconut

Coffee Coffee Yum Yum

Eumundi Roasted Coffee

Pine Lime Burst

North QLD Pineapples, Lime